Let me tell you a story.

Let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time, many years ago, there was a little girl whose eyebrows met in the middle.

One day, her uncle told her that only werewolves have eyebrows that meet in the middle, and because she had this trait, it meant she was destined to grow up to become a werewolf.

At first, the little girl was horrified! She was cursed! Time would transform her into a terrible monster, a beast of the wilderness, and she was bound to spend her moonlit nights eating raw venison and running through the shadows, chasing rabbits, singing to the glorious moon, free to do whatever she wished!

Wait… that doesn’t sound half bad…

This little girl started to think that maybe life as a werewolf was going to be AWESOME. She looked forward to growing up with eager anticipation. She practiced howling when the moon was full, running along trails on her bare feet, and learning to navigate by the stars in the sky. And thus, her heart was broken a second time, when her mother informed her that her uncle was a trickster and a goofball, and he’d only been pulling her leg.


Hi! My name is Kim Bannerman, and I’m an author, a mom, a podcaster, and the co-owner of a video production company on the west coast of Canada. I enjoy voice acting, I paint, I love experimental archaeology and astrophysics, and I drink far too much coffee for a human of my size. To my eternal disappointment, I didn’t grow up to become a werewolf, but I did write a novel about a werewolf, and that set my career as a writer in motion.

And if you can’t be a werewolf, being a writer is the next best thing.