Hello and welcome!

Hello and welcome!

What does one put on their author page? A photo, I guess.

But most author pictures are boring, solemn compositions, with the subject staring into the middle distance while holding a book or a pen. Instead, here’s a photo of me, standing in front of a hole in the ground that was created many centuries ago when a massive boulder from space slammed into our planet at high speed, conceivably wiping out a ton of wildlife and blasting massive amounts of pulverized rock into the air. Much more exciting!

I’ve written a gaggle of novels and a flock of short stories, and if you look to the menu bar above, you’ll find the appropriate links to them. Please feel welcome to explore and contact me if you have any questions. Thanks in advance for your time and your support and your enthusiasm — these are the precious gifts that readers give to authors, worth more than silver or gold. (But equal to a very strong cup of coffee, which is the fuel that drives us through epic writing sessions, and must not be underestimated or undervalued. Coffee works magic.)

For the full list of publications, articles, and literary sundry in which I’ve dabbled, have a look at my curriculum vitae.



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