Speak of the Devil…

Speak of the Devil…

‘Speak of the Devil’ is such an odd term, isn’t it.

In our family, it always meant, ‘Ah, here you are! Just as I was talking about you!’, and it’s always said in a cheerful tone, with a sense of appreciation, mirth, and marvellous coincidence. It’s a happy greeting. At least, it always seemed so to me.

But the full idiom was ‘Speak of the devil and he doth appear’, and that doesn’t sound quite so pleasant or jovial. Isn’t that more of a warning? Well, yes, it was: during the Middle Ages, the proverb was a stern reminder to keep your words and thoughts from dwelling on evil topics. Of course, people are lazy, and so over the centuries, it was shortened to only the first four words, and seems to have lost the diabolical flavour. I can’t help but think such verbal sloth would please the subject in question.

But I digress. You’re here now. Happy to welcome you!

I’ve written a gaggle of novels and a flock of short stories, and if you look to the menu bar above, you’ll find the appropriate links to them. Please feel welcome to explore and contact me if you have any questions. Thanks in advance for your time and your support and your enthusiasm — these are the precious gifts that readers give to authors, worth more than silver or gold. (But equal to a very strong cup of coffee, which is the fuel that drives us through epic writing sessions, and must not be underestimated or undervalued. Coffee works magic. You’ll find a link to my Patreon account in the side bar, and your kind gifts will help me buy a cup and keep writing.)

For the full list of publications, articles, and literary sundry in which I’ve dabbled, have a look at my curriculum vitae.



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