Blustery Sunday

Blustery Sunday

It’s been stormy on the island lately, but the sun broke through the clouds on Sunday afternoon, which gave us just enough time to visit Goose Spit and run through the surf, filming the blue sky and the white waves.

Goose Spit is a flexible sand spit, which means it shifts and changes as nearby Willemar Bluffs sheds its sandy interior. The spit is long and narrow like a crooked finger, and together with Gartley Point, marks the boundary of Comox Bay. For thousands of years, it was a place where the indigenous people of the area gathered cockles and clams, and there’s a huge midden near the lagoon side that demonstrates how long this area was used for food production. However, in 1876, Goose Spit became a base for training for the Royal Navy, and 1897, the British Admiralty built a 1000 yard rifle range, so I imagine in became a very perilous place to pick up shellfish for dinner.

Thankfully, it’s no longer a rifle range. Now it’s a regional park, and in the second time lapse sequence, you can see the log wall that was built to keep the spit from being washed away by winter storms. You can see how many people were happy to take a walk in the sun!

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