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Countless creatures stalk the windswept beaches, lonely stretches of tundra, craggy peaks, and deep forests… four-legged, two-legged, real and imaginary. Canada has its own cold kind of mythology, and just as many stories as landforms.

So last year, I started Animals of Canada, a podcast that mixes history, ghost tales, gossip and monsters, and explores a very big country one episode at a time…. a field guide for the strange and obscure, if you will.

You’ll find the episodes below. Enjoy.

AOC – Episode One: Oh, no! Ogopogo!

Something mysterious lurks under the surface of British Columbia’s Okanagan Lake. Let’s explore the murky depths to find one of Canada’s most unique monsters.


AOC – Episode Two: The Cat and the Karluk

When the ship named Karluk sailed north as part of a scientific expedition, everyone had high hopes for her crew — but she wasn’t built to withstand the Arctic ice, and it was journey she wouldn’t survive.


AOC – Episode Three: Wendigo Tales 

Demons lurk in deep forests and dark hearts, but how to deal with them can be a cause for cultural clashes. Learn about the wendigo, a North American spirit who turns men into cannibals. (PS THIS IS MY FAVORITE!)


AOC – Episode Four: The Northern Ukulele

Who could have guessed that the humble ukulele, a symbol of sunny beaches and warmer climates, has a special little place in Canada’s history?


AOC – Episode Five: Stories from the Sea Witch

Let’s journey together into storytelling, with three short tales about life by the ocean.

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