Short Stories

Short Stories

In addition to the Lizzie Saunders Mysteries and The Tattooed Wolf, I’ve written a bunch of short stories that have appeared in anthologies hither and yon. Here’s where you can find them…

In An Unknown Country

“Other Worlds, unfamiliar territory, places we should not be! Wanderers in strange lands and those who have strayed just a little off the path face their fates in an unknown country. A selection of short and flash fiction exploring the unfamiliar, new worlds and new perspectives.”

(Fox Spirit Books, 2016)


The Best of LSQ: The First Five Years

“The writers gathered in these pages, from every corner of the globe, are explorers of wonder, magic, and places beyond the stars. They are also explorers of what makes us human, in heart, mind, and spirit.”

(Luna Station Press, 2015)


The Girl at the End of the World Vol. 2

“Across two volumes, The Girl at the End of the World offers forty-one striking visions of the apocalypse and the women and girls dealing with it. From gods to zombies, from epic to deeply personal, from the moment of impact to a future where life is long forgotten; bestselling authors and exciting new writers deliver tales you’ll still remember when holed up in a fallout shelter with one remaining bullet and a best friend with a suspicious bite mark on their neck.”

(Fox Spirit Books, 2014)


In The Company of Animals

“Animals fascinate us humans, and we relate to them in a variety of ways. Whether we view them as companions, as workmates, as symbols, as totems, or as food, animals matter to us, and we want to tell their stories. In this collection, 38 writers from across Canada tell thought-provoking stories of extraordinary encounters with animals. From tributes to a favourite cat or dog to tales of a chance encounter with a moose or a cougar, the writers cover a wide range of encounters with a wide variety of animals—from rats and salamanders to wolves and bears. These writers are people who pay attention to animals, their natures and personalities and what they can teach us, and they ask us to pay attention too.”

(Nimbus Publishing, 2014)



“Feral, vicious, fierce and lost… the she-wolf is a strange creature of the night. Attractive to some; repulsive to others, she stalks the fringes of our world as though it were her prey. She is the baddest of girls, the fatalest of femmes – but she is also the excluded, the abject, the monster.

The Wolf-Girls within these pages are mad, bad and dangerous to know. But they are also rejected and tortured, loving and loyal, avenging and triumphant. Some of them are even human…”

(Hic Dragones Press, 2012)


100 Stories for Queensland

“100 Stories for Queensland is a charity anthology created to assist the victims of the 2010-2011 Queensland floods. All profits from the sale of the anthology are donated to the Queensland Premier’s Relief Appeal.”

(emergent Press, 2011)


She’s Shameless Anthology

“With wit and honesty, the writers share stories of their teen experiences (both positive and negative) on everything from pop culture to high school principals. The book is founded on Shameless magazine’s tradition of smart, sassy, honest and inclusive writing that reaches out to young female readers who are often ignored by mainstream: freethinkers, queer youth, young women of colour, punk rockers, feminists, intellectuals, artists and activists.”

(Tightrope Books, 2009)



“With Fabulist and New Wave Fabulist stories by 44 literary and genre authors, the anthology explores non-realistic artistic fiction that reviewers called ‘bold, haunting, and remarkable’”.

(OmniDawn Press, 2006)


“Bannerman writes in a very clean style of prose, but every so often she’ll turn a phrase so striking that is almost poetry.” – Frank Zafiro, author of The Last Horseman, Waist Deep, and the River City Crime series.

“Bannerman offers a clear insight into the mind of a tyrannical sociopath.” – Scott Sandridge, Tangent Short Fiction Review


The Night Museum – FoxSpirit Books, UK,  2020
Love and Lovecraft –  Fox & Bee Books, 2018
• The Agony of St. Alice – Fox & Bee Books, 2017
• Mark of the Magpie –  Fox & Bee Books, 2014
• The Tattooed Wolf – Hic Dragones Press, April 2014
• Bucket of Blood –  Fox & Bee Books, September 2011
• The Fire Song –  Fox & Bee Books, February 2011
• The Wolf of Gilsbury Cross –  Double Dragon Publishing, autumn 2006
• The Tattooed Wolf –  Double Dragon Publishing, October 2004

Short Stories

• ‘The Secret of the Owls’ –   When Birds Are Near, Cornell University Press, 2020
• ‘Tale of Nobody’ –   Nothing Anthology, Hic Dragones Press, 2019
• ‘Amarok Dream’ – Creatures in Canada: A Darkling Around the World Anthology – Lycan Valley Press, 2019
• ‘The Mothership’ –  Luna Station Quarterly, 2018
• ‘Cape of Storms’ –  In An Unknown Country, FoxSpirit Books, 2016
• ‘Mother Bear’ –  The Best of LSQ Anthology, Luna Station Press, 2015
• “The Rabbit King” –  In the Company of Animals, Nimbus Publishing, 2014
• ‘The Unbroken Line’ –  Girl at the End of the World Anthology, FoxSpirit Books, February 2014
• ‘Lost to the Rising Tide’ – You, Me, and a Bit of We, Chuffed Buff Books, August 2013
• ‘Subterranean Wonders’ – Island Parent Family Resource Guide 2013-2014, October 2013
• ‘Experience Living History at U’Mista’ –Island Parent Magazine, September 2013
• “Walking with Giants” – Island Parent Magazine, March 2013
• “Pity Kisser” –  Sunday Snaps: The Anthology, Chuffed Buff Books, February 2013
• “Fossil Field Trip” – Island Parent Magazine, January 2013
• ‘Lost to the Rising Tide’ –  You, Me, and a Bit of We, Chuffed Buff Books, November 2012
• “A Woman of Wolves Born” – Wolf-Girls Anthology, Hic Dragones Press, June 2012
• ‘Haiku 78′ and ‘Haiku 89′ –  Klorofyl Magazine, October 2011
• “One Bad Day” –  Lost in Thought Magazine, July 2011
• “Conspiracy of Love & Hunger” –  Blueprint Magazine, March 2011
• “September” –  Persepolis Magazine, March 2011
• “The Turtle Inventory” –  100 Stories for Queensland, eMergent Press, May 2011
• “Axis’” –  Currently Cumberland Magazine, December 2010
• “A Little Lesson in Lust” –  She’s Shameless Anthology, Tightrope Books, June 2009
• ‘Western Red Cedar’ – World Poetry Celebration @ Vancouver Public Library, February 2008
• ‘Northern Town’ – 1097 Magazine, spring 2008
• ’Linoleum’ – Inscribed Magazine, fall 2007
• ‘Western Red Cedar’ – Perspectives Magazine, July 2007
• ‘September’ – White Chimney Literary Journal, spring 2007
• ‘The Hired Man’ – Thereby Hangs A Tale Journal, spring 2007
• “Per Ardua Ad Astra” – Grimm Magazine, summer 2006
• “Come Home Anytime” – Zeugma Magazine, spring 2006
• “Armegedn” – Paraspheres Anthology,Omnidawn Press, February 2006
• “September” – Saucy Vox Magazine, January 2006 (featured author)
• “The Mask & the Maze” – Neo-Opsis Magazine, autumn 2005
• “The Tragic Hubris of Heron Crane” – Saucy Vox Magazine, September 2005
• “Lily and the Ways of Women” – Room of One’s Own Journal, summer 2005
• Various poems – Teen Angst Poetry Anthology, St. Martin’s Press, March 2005
• “Cruel Music” – Elan: A Regina Weese Anthology, Wingate Press, February 2005
• “Restless” – Premonitions Magazine, 2004
• “Stand Your Ground” – Herizons Magazine, winter 2004
• “Conspiracy of Love and Hunger” – Bleach Magazine, summer 2004
• “The Rabbit King” – Parabola Magazine, summer 2004
• “Hannah’s Island” – Lichen Literary Journal, spring 2004
• “Din Casea Partea” – Antares Magazine, summer 2003

Online Publications

• “The Mothership” – short story, Luna Station Quarterly, September 2018
• “Mother Bear”–  short story, Luna Station Quarterly, December 2012
• “Lily and the Ways of Women”–  short story, Forget Magazine, July 2011
• “On the House” – short story, Lies With Occasional Truth, February 2011
• “Fate of the Alpha” – short story, The Montreal Review, September 2010
• “Cycling is Freedom” – Ride Leistershire website, July 2010
• “The Alchemical Banana” – short story, Bananafish Magazine, February 2010
• “September” – short story, Branta Journal, October 2009
• “A Stroll Along East Hastings” – short non-fiction, Writers4Peace, June 2009
• “The Good Fight” – Toro Magazine, February 2009
• “Per Ardua Ad Astra” – Glossolalia Magazine, December 2008
• “Linoleum” – Salome Magazine, August 2006
• “Businessman” – 55 Words, August 2006
• “bloodlust” – The Big Stupid Review, May 2006
• “The Delicate Art of Sleeping” – Parenting Express, May 2006
• ‘Thwart’ – Grimm Magazine Random Highbrow contest, winter 2005
• “The Mermaids of Juan Cabana” – Feejee Mermaid website, May 2005
• “Skywatcher” – Aphelion Magazine, December 2004
• “Gifts from a Sentimental Bastard” – Real Eight View Magazine, December 2004
• “A Woman of Wolves Borne” – short story, Double Dragon Publishing, October 2004
• “Per Ardua Ad Astra” – Flashquake, autumn 2004
• “The Mask & The Maze” – Aphelion Magazine, 2003
• “The Stench of Justice” – RiPE Magazine, August 2003
• “September” – RiPE Magazine, July 2003
• “The Alchemical Banana” – RiPE Magazine, May 2003
• “Orion” – The Shadowshow, 2003

Honours & Awards

• Diploma with distinction in Freelance Journalism & Travel Writing, London School of Journalism, 2012
• Recipient of Canada Council of the Arts for Professional Writers grant, 2008
• Winner, Readers’ Choice Award from Cimmplicity Magazine, 2003

Contract Writer or Staff Writer

• Fox&Bee Studio, 2009 – present
• Gun Lake Pictures, 2014 – 2015
• North Island College, 2008 – 2015