Love & Lovecraft

Love & Lovecraft

            “Deaths are coming to Dunham, Miss Lovecraft, and in great numbers,” said Blackwood. “That dark and sinister tide under our little boat is rising, and the leaks in the shipboards are starting to appear, and if we are not very careful, this little county is poised on the edge of utter destruction.” He paused, his eyes narrowed and focused on some distant dramatic point, then he looked at me and said, “While we wait, can I interest you in tea?”


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Harriet Lovecraft, a spinster of no importance, has lived an unremarkable life in the sleepy county of Dunham, tending to the village library as her three younger sisters attempt to secure happy marriages. But when a mysterious gentleman moves into the grand ruins of Northwich Hall, the young men of the village begin to disappear one by one, and her dull life is turned topsy-turvy.

When the first man turns up dead in a ghastly and uncanny manner, Harriet resolves to root out the culprit before all of her sisters’ suitors are murdered. Her quest takes her to the shadowy edge of human knowledge, where teratological monsters hunt and ravenous gods prowl, and where ideas are fashioned into preternatural weapons with the power to destroy the universe.

Blending country house novels and cosmic horror tales, Love and Lovecraft is a genre-hopping adventure through the unpredictable landscape of myth, madness, tea, and tentacles.



“Good humour and relatable characters make this a fun read. And it is a warm story. Full of relatable characters, wit and a keen sense of the ridiculous.”Damien Seaman, “From Austen to Arkham: An In-Depth Review of Love and Lovecraft”


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