Podcast UP!

Podcast UP!

Last week, we started releasing episodes of ‘First We Write’ through Fox & Bee Books, and when it comes to writing, recording, and releasing a podcast, the learning curve has been STEEP, my friends, but I think I’ve got it under control.

Or do I? We won’t know until the wheels fall off and we careen over the edge, will we? Such is the way of artistic pursuits, and it’s EXCITING.

I decided to start ‘First We Write’ after three friends in rapid succession asked me, ‘How do you write a novel?’, and it seemed so much easier to put together something that they could listen to and that I could send a simple link, rather than draft a great long dreary boring email. And why keep it all a secret? If you have a book living inside you, it’s time to get it out, and I’m happy to give you a helping hand!

So, you can find ‘First We Write’ on iTunes and GooglePlay, as well as on the First We Write website. Go, have a listen, mash that subscribe button on the player of your choice so you won’t miss an episode, and start writing!

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