Monster Monday: Rusalka

Monster Monday: Rusalka

It never ceases to amaze me how many monsters are portrayed as beautiful women, and their only goal is to bewitch young men and lure them to their deaths. Like women don’t have better things to do.

Today’s entry in the ‘pretty girls are dangerous’ category is the Rusalka, a Slavic water nymph who swims up from the murky depths during the first week of June, to hang on the low branches of birch and willow trees and tempt young men to drown. They would grab their prey and drag them to the bottom of the river, but sources are unclear what they do with the boys. Eat them? Maybe. While folklore suggests that Rusulkas are the spirits of young women who were jilted and then committed suicide, there’s no mention of ghostly boys coming back to haunt the shores.

Some Rusalka could never leave the water, and were doomed to stand in the shallows while they used their voice to lure young men to their embrace. Still others were described as huge-breasted giants, able to snatch men from the shore and drag them into the river. Either way, I can’t imagine it’s how they envisioned spending eternity.

Poor Rusalkas.

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